Paying Your Way

I enjoyed watching all the pretty ladies riding their bicycles by the river on a morning while I drank my double espresso. They had an air of youthfulness to them that I craved: the freedom and the ambition. Their whole lives ahead of them. There wasn’t much to do around here, which I suppose is the main reason I am here. The surroundings and the food appealed to me, and now I’m here everything seems to be so reserved and calming – exactly what I needed.

To kill time here I liked to wander the streets and look at the beautiful architecture that made this city so fascinating – all the mismatched colours and the quirky designs really brought it all to life. There were some shops however which I have to admit were far too quirky for my likes. The open and risqué attitude here wasn’t something I was used to, however the more time spent here, the more I learned to accept and embrace the attitudes.

Every evening, once the sun had set over the capital, the aroma would fill the streets. It wasn’t strong, but when walking past the local bars, it would hit you and just the smell could take your head into the clouds. Walking through the hustle and bustle left me lonely, and I longed for the company that no one had time for. I paid fifty euros and it got me twenty minutes, but the company isn’t really the same if you have to pay.


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